Mohamad Bigdeli

Enthusiastic Electronic Businesses Management graduate, with more than three years of experience as a product manager and business development.

A Product Manager with three years of experience in e-commerce, big data solutions, and online retail. I have managing, marketing, and programming background which makes me able to understand customer problems and the way to solve them. I'm a natural-born problem solver who could build the right features for the right users and increased sales and revenue. I have a customer-centric and data-driven mind that is always looking for a growth opportunity and improvement.

Experienced in the computer software industry with a good knowledge of Distributed Systems and Big Data frameworks.

Skilled and experienced Product Manager with experience in product marketing, product introduction, and the overall management of a product's life from conception to fruition. Experience in assessing customer desires and requirements and generating a product that successfully meets those standards. Bringing forth the ability to determine product specifications, production timelines, and in-depth plans for product development. An analytical thinker who works collaboratively to get the job done.

What I Do

Product Management

Translate customer requirements into well-defined functional requirements by leveraging team skills in usability, design, content, and e-commerce. Enable the technical team's success in building products.


Experienced and innovative eCommerce Retail expert with a superior record of Internet revenue generation and customer service. Adept at applying the most current creative visual techniques to optimize product visibility and attention. Able to work well independently and as part of an Internet business team.

Business Analysis

Provide thought leadership both externally with clients and prospects and internally on the practical application of advanced marketing analytics.

Solution Provider

Experienced in creating fit for purpose technology solutions, to ensure the solution meets business needs, is deliverable within the scope, and adheres to business strategic guidelines.